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Radiation Safety


Our team of  medical physicists can support all of your state and federally regulated safety needs including safety guidance for special procedures leading to  a full proof radiation safety program. We also review compliance of the existing radiation safety programs and assist with the adherence to  new regulations as related to changes in national practice parameters. Our medical physicists work with your team to prospectively identify areas for improvement toward future safety standards.

Does your institution needs DOT training?

We got you cover with in-person or online solutions so you can have your department compliant with federal regulations:

Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazmat per 49 CFR

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Gain peace of mind for your patient and your personnel by having our experts worry about the Radiation Safety.

Need Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) services:

Get the expertise you deserve and the quality of service your patient and personnel deserve.

Contact us at 470-898-1938 to       geT a free consultation

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