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Radiation Oncology


Here at GRP we understand that your business needs may change over time. Our  medical physicists are  flexible, and can  work on-site or remotely on a full or part-time basis depending on  your procedure volumes.

Our physicists are  well-trained on all major treatment technologies and have  a rigorous understanding of regulatory requirements and safety standards.

We can work closely with your clinical team to enable  safe and effective radiation oncology care for your patients.

Our routine services include everything that is required from a quality assurance and safety standpoint  meeting or exceeding the standards set by the American College of Radiology in conjunction with the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and the American Society for Radiation Oncologists (ASTRO) recommendations.

On-Site Medical Physics Coverage


If you need on-site Medical Physics Coverage our highly trained Medical Physicist are here to support your center.

The Global Radiation Physics difference is that we focus on your unique needs and adapt our services to your patients and staff situation.

Either you need a full time Physicist covering your department or a part-time coverage Physicist we are here to support you.

Our quality and expertise on the field give you a peace of mind so you can focus in what really matters in our field, your patients.

Remote Medical Physics Coverage

Your cancer center only needs Remote Medical Physics Coverage we are here with thousands of hours of Remote Service Experience  so you can feel comfortable with your day-to-day work flow.

No matter the size of the project at GRP we are here to support all practices with the best quality in the industry.

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Machine Quality Assurance


GRP performs all testing required by the AAPM (TG-142) and ACR for annual evaluation. The following tests are performed during an annual evaluation:

  • AAPM TG-51 calibration 

  • Photon and Electron output constancy for each beam energy

  • Percent depth dose constancy (PDD's) for each photon and electron energy

  • Off-axis factor constancy for all photon and electron energies

  • PDD’s and Profiles compared to TPS data as well as previous machine data

  • Wedges tested and transmission factor for all treatment accessories

  • MLC's tests

  • Output constancy versus gantry angle

  • Off-axis factor constancy versus gantry angle

  • Safety interlock functionality

  • Mechanical tests such as collimator, gantry and table rotation isocenter verification and table movement

CT Quality Assurance

CT simulation is a vital part of the treatment planning process and it is crucial to assure that all  systems involved in this process are working properly.

We offer comprehensive annual surveys on CT simulators and we also can enhance your existing QA program by offering a complete analysis of your program. GRP evaluates the following:

  • CT Simulation laser accuracy

  • Spatial and contrast resolution

  • Tissue heterogeneity correction constancy (using CIRS phantom)

  • CTDI and other diagnostic testing can be performed.


Contact us at 470-898-1938 to       geT a free consultation

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